AYYLMAO Coin Whitepaper

What Is AYYLMAO Coin ($AYY)?

AYYLMAO is a BEP20, DeFi meme token inspired by aliens and outer space. We fucking love outer space; all those planets, and stars and shit!

AYYLMAO Coin isn’t just another fork of a shitcoin, but a completely new custom token written from scratch, utilizing the Binance Smart Chain and OpenZeppelin templates. The AYYLMAO Coin contract has been audited by Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge of the USS Enterprise-D, himself, assuring its investors that there is no backdoor in the code for the AYYLMAO team to ever take advantage of them with.

According to the testimonies of a significant number of alien abductees and contactees, there once existed a Nordic world in the Rigel star system of Orion that was infiltrated and taken over by Reptilians, primarily through the successful manipulation of their AYYLMAO token supply. This caused immense chaos amid total economic collapse, which had far-reaching implications throughout the entire galaxy.

To avoid a similar situation, the AYYLMAO team has employed multiple “anti-Reptilian” measures, such as locking token liquidity on DxSale.


There are 21 trillion tokens minted in total.

Over 6% of the total token supply has been burned out of existence and more are being burned on a weekly basis.

We have also locked our token liquidity via DxSale.